Heralded Into Darkness

Folly and Dangers

Tayri's Journal, Emergency cypher

I think I asked to call them. I was in the middle of a cardiac arrest, but I think I called them. Bastion is going to murder me. And legitimately I should’ve told the Inheritors I had an Awakening scar but it never seemed… relevant? I’m lying to myself. I didn’t want them to know because I was too busy being strong. The bulwark of the cabal. God being a Doorwarden is hard. Which is why I’m not… crap. This whole multiple cabal/divided loyalty thing is terribly hard. I wonder what they’ll say… I should add if they even come but… I know they will. Bastion if no one else, he’ll probably drag Bantay since we don’t have a cabal Thyrsus, or pull some strings for a loan. Danaem too, if they’re on right now (they were off when I left but, it’s so hard to keep track of those two). Menstra will only come if she has to. Not that I blame her.
I miss them. But I think the time is fast approaching when I have to let them go… well shit.


Nochtal DennisLC

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