Heralded Into Darkness

On Machines

Birkhoff's Eccentricity

Written in Tayri’s journal under her usual cipher:
Operating under the assumption that Jeeves is not lying in that Birkhoff is a Shadow name for the machine hiding from reality (aka: Atlantis) then a few pertinent questions present themselves:
If the machine-Birkhoff is the alien reality, then are the invading choirs really alien?
If we are so cloaked from the Lie as to hide a whole city, how do we know we are not simply another part of the Lie? Or rather, when the circumstance of observation is ubiquitous, how do you determine that it is what you are observing? (In layman’s terms: how does one see air? Where in this case “air” represents the Truth of the Birkhoff-machine.)
Sadly I have no answers, or experimental set-ups ready to tackle these sorts of questions. I do have several leads: the crystals recovered from the “un-birth” of the Bound, the spirit war; but until I can establish a firm framework of experimentation, I shall have to remain skeptical…
Hypothesis: Birkhoff, being the Alien Machine, is the pathogen, and the invading choirs are reality’s immune system attempting to choke out the Essence of the city and reclaim it.
And how would we prove that? What experiment could we operate that would then show us which side of the proverbial fence is the “natural” reality, and how would said experiment overcome the challenge of our own personal perceptions as Magi (or more importantly, as Inheritors)?
Ethical Concern: The “immune-response” cells are… quite negative. If they did overrun the city, would that be in service to the greater good? If you have to fight them anyways, does this matter? The question must be asked, but the answer is invariably yes. I must understand the enemy and their purpose and goals so that we might better fight them. Adam’s idea of natural channels between the Gardens is a useful one, but impractical. Better to aim against their own networks of Essence and communication, disrupting them until more information can be discovered.


Nochtal DennisLC

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