Heralded Into Darkness

Seventh Session (Joel)

My (un)life gets darker

Unfortunately the rest of the night was not so pleasant, as if any night in Birkhoff has ever been pleasant.Merihem went and got the other student and brought them to Emma’s, then we got ready for court. When we arrived we found a table that had Natalia and another kindred staked to it, along with seats that were meant for us. We then found that Natalie had been consorting with the Carthians, and was caught with the Carthian on the table beside her. We were seated and the interrogated, a ghostly clamouring admitting to our truthful statements frequently rang out around us. We were found innocent and knowledgeable of our former coterie member’s crimes. Merihem was then “offered” Natalia, he diablerized her and suddenly seemed like he lost a bit of himself. John was then offered the Carthian, and he diablerized her. I then received Natalia’s belongings, including her considerable wealth, and her unused blood orb.

They then brought in a coffin, inside was a kindred in torpor. Eldred then woke her from her torpor. Introductions went all around. Hyacinth as we discovered her name was, was then put into the care of our coterie. We retired to my room where we ordered clothes for Hyacinth, I began to gather influence in servants by tipping generously. We began splitting Jonah’s belongings, he wouldn’t need them anymore.

When I entered my room I noticed a locked briefcase on my bed. I was suspicious so I examined it closely, and used my knife to manipulate it. I got the scent of formaldehyde and taxidermy. Inside was my dead mother’s face. I was shocked for quite a while, then I noticed a note that said that the author thought they recognized me. I was quite upset and angered at this move by the Dread Scientists, so instead of gifting the orb to Hyacinth like I had planned I instead absorbed myself. That is when I noticed the face moving, and then the others started coming to my room trying to figure out what was taking me so long. We decided to call Sciduhr as he would know more about what was going on. When he arrived, we quickly noticed that he had been watching far, FAR too much TV. He then told us that more than my mother’s face was there, that my mother was still alive, and then placed her face on John who then took the form of my mother.

The rest became more and more of a blur, there was some discussion, apparently my mother was a mage, and the dread scientists wanted to experiment on mages. Then some other things happened and my mother ended up possessing a dog. Then a talking Cat name Wunch showed up and made things even more confusing. We decided to put off any further decision until the next night as we were all exhausted in more ways than one, so we retired for the day.


Nochtal Nochtal

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