Heralded Into Darkness

Sixth Session (Joel)

This night I awoke to much dark news. There is still silence from the Seattle Kindred community. This silence started two months ago and no contact has been made since. Other much darker news, if only by the proximity to the coterie is that Jonah is missing. When the rest of us met at Grandma Chos we were told by Alder Goldberg that Jonah has been found guilty of consorting with the Carthians and is dead. The other news was that Natalia is on trial for dealing in contraband with Carthians and other unfavorable sorts.
We decided that in case we were called upon for the trial, or that we were able to attend that it would suit us to have some better clothing to wear. We visited Emma Flores and struck a deal for two sets of clothes, that she appeared to have anticipated our need for. Earlier in the night thirty students at the college suddenly stopped and stared up towards the sky for approximately forty minutes of which none of them could recall this time. Emma asked us to retrieve two of the students so that they could be examined.
When we arrived I saw Merihem speaking to a man in a suit. I suddenly could not recall why we were there. The man speaking to Merihem suddenly invited all three of us to his office. He seemed to know what we are and why we were there. Luckily John seemed to remember and remind Merihem and I. We learned that the clock tower was part of a much larger machine, and was responsible for both wiping our memories and potentially related to the communication blackout in Seattle. We were given the names and numbers of two of the students. We went to the van and I called Emily. I convinced her to meet and easily swayed her with my Majesty and took her to Emma.


Nochtal thejeonan

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