Heralded Into Darkness

The First day as a Full mage

Faust errs and the burden increases

Notable Events

I erred today, in my eagerness to prepare for trouble after that incident with the gangrel I did not take into account the obviousness of shadow armor. I was able to contain the paradox and I did witness my spell unravel but I could not contain the disappointment in myself for not taking all factors into account.

There are many mysteries within Birkhoff, and we have stumbled across yet another. I could not sense it but Reticent detected an absent space about 200 meters out to sea, and Taklishim notice a distortion of time in the same area.

Today was also the Fall casual meeting of the mages of Birkhoff. Apparently casual meant swimwear, a fact that wasn’t made known to us. Tayri formally released Reticent and I as full mages, granting us gifts and in my case a task. I was tasked as an arrow to watch over the Proximi family, the Murdocks. The entire thing would have been ostentatious in any other setting, but the casual behavior and swimwear made for a less droll occasion. I imagine the formal meeting will be more reminiscent of my childhood dinner parties.

During the party we inheritors were suddenly spirited to the shadow. We met a man who informed us of a great many things that have greatly shifted our understanding of the world, especially Birkhoff. We discussed this information later with Jeeves. To simplify it, there are mythos surrounding Birkhoff, which isn’t really a city but a machine designed by ancient mages to anchor the supernal realms and the fallen world together.

Mysteries revealed

The grimoire revealed a new page, a pentacle with the reams, Arcanum and towers presented.
-Later discovered to be the “True Atlantean Pentacle” according to Jeeves.
An unknown rune was in the circle. The same rune could be found below in the room connecting to the verges.

There were two death stains on the beach;
The first was months old, and after scrutiny I concluded that it must have been caused by a water spirit and may have been connected to the string of “drownings” months earlier.
The second was only weeks old and after scrutiny I could only conclude that the murderer was the Scelesti mage we had the Iron Dragon of Dreams devour.

We discovered that a rune that had confused us earlier, one that seemed to possess traits of a few runes, was the mutable runic name of Birkhoff, changing each time the city moved and changed names.

-From the Journal of Doctor Faust


Nochtal thejeonan

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