Bastion Devi

Male, 22 yo, 6'7", 184 lbs., black hair, brown eyes


Bastion is used to catching flak. First for his skin, then for his sexuality, and even as a mage for being… delicate in a combative order. What many people outside of Bastion’s cabal forget is that if you didn’t see Bastion fight, he did his job right. If you forgot that one time you did see him fight, your bones still remember the break, and your lungs still wonder how they got pierced. Using his Witchy ways, Bastion is the bulwark of his cabal, the spirit of protection that guides them to where they need to go and what they need to say to see their problems resolved. Often boisterous, frequently cheerful, Bastion is “all heart” for better or worse.
While there are no official relationships within the cabal (at least, not while Tayri was around), Bastion and Danaem have often exchanged trysts.


Bastion Devi

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