Daneam Hsume

Male, 24 yo, 5'8", 194 lbs., Blonde hair, Blue eyes


(Name is pronounced: Danny Soo-meh)
Theme song: “Bubble” by Sebastian Castro

Danny plays loose and dangerous. A skilled practitioner of manipulation, “Danny” has a secret on just about everyone, and usually it comes from sleeping with them. It’s hard to pin-down what elements are part of “Danny” the person and which elements are part of the Mask that he wears for his order. But the cabal does know one secret about him (Tayri wrestled it out of him, metaphorically, in order to bind the cabal together): one day he wishes to set down these secrets and personas and build a life with someone (male). Until then however, he has work to do.
His magical themes are serpents and the bacchanal: loosing oneself in indulgence and vice, and he manages the portion of the Ashland Labyrinth that intersects with the SAGA (aka LGBTQIA) community. He is the 2nd highest Order-status member of the cabal, after [the Farseeker], and the 2nd highest city status after Tayri


Daneam Hsume

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