Dragon of the Iron Dream

A huge dragon, stalking the depths of nightmares


For two weeks now, Hector Kaifeck has been racked with nightmares, and only one thing has remained constant in the horrid dreams, a large dragon stalking in the shadows, barely noticeable, but clearly there at the same time.

It’s iron teeth and claws menacing at Hector’s sanity any time he attempts to slumber. Throughout these dreams Hector has found himself running from the frightening form chasing him, never able to successfully run away, everything he tries to do is worthless in these dreams. Each dream Hector is captured in a different way, in a different location, but is always torn limb from limb before awaking.

No form of Mind magic that Hector has tried has succeeded in tampering with the dreams, and lucid dreaming seams to only make the terror even more real!

Is this just in Hector’s head, or is this more?


Dragon of the Iron Dream

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