Heralded Into Darkness


Tayri and Daneam

Phone conversation between Tayri and Danaem, unrecorded, the two have been talking for some time already
T: Alright, somewhat weird and serious question.
D: Oh Christ…
T: Don’t give me that, I need a warlock perspective.
D: Which usually means somebody let you down a—
T: That’s not what that mea—
D: That’s exactly what that means. Its the same across the board with you Theurgists. Everyone’s on a pedestal until they act like real people, then suddenly you’re hurt and confused. The worst among you don’t even wait and just start throwing around forces. Then its boo-hoo. Emotionally distressed, didn’t know what I was doing, blah blah blah.
T: But—
D: No, you’re not like that. But the last time we had one of these conversations you tricked me into forging the cabal, so pardon me for my wariness.
T: Never a fool twice, Danny. Anyways, back to my question, if you were given the keys to the Lie, the ability to contribute directly to throwing open the gates of magic, what would you do with them?
D: Depends, what’s the price of using these keys?
T: Daneam! That isn’t funny.
D: I’m serious Tayri. What’s the price?
T: …
D: I thought so. I’d lock it up.
T: What?!
D: Did I stutter? You wanna make some Ladder argument about the needs of the many, you go right ahead and pontificate. But what happened when it came your time to pay the piper? You shut down. No one should be responsible for that choice without training. And last I checked, you weren’t a soldier and neither was I.
T: … [The crackling of Tayri’s displeasure is almost audible.]
D: No seriously, Tayri. The Order can only train you for so much, and for all that the order is combative, they are not exclusively soldiers, they can’t be. You can get combat training and be a capable tactician and combatant, but still not be prepared to handle the responsibility of someone else’s life. So the Warlock and admittedly, Guardian perspective? I’d lock that shit away.
T: This is… This is not what I expected.
D: You are not, and never were, a member of the Silver Ladder, Tayri. You need to not forget that.
T: You don’t know the details, Danny. This was Service.
D: For you. For someone else, it was death.


Nochtal DennisLC

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