Heralded Into Darkness

Seventh Session (Joel)
My (un)life gets darker

Unfortunately the rest of the night was not so pleasant, as if any night in Birkhoff has ever been pleasant.Merihem went and got the other student and brought them to Emma’s, then we got ready for court. When we arrived we found a table that had Natalia and another kindred staked to it, along with seats that were meant for us. We then found that Natalie had been consorting with the Carthians, and was caught with the Carthian on the table beside her. We were seated and the interrogated, a ghostly clamouring admitting to our truthful statements frequently rang out around us. We were found innocent and knowledgeable of our former coterie member’s crimes. Merihem was then “offered” Natalia, he diablerized her and suddenly seemed like he lost a bit of himself. John was then offered the Carthian, and he diablerized her. I then received Natalia’s belongings, including her considerable wealth, and her unused blood orb.

They then brought in a coffin, inside was a kindred in torpor. Eldred then woke her from her torpor. Introductions went all around. Hyacinth as we discovered her name was, was then put into the care of our coterie. We retired to my room where we ordered clothes for Hyacinth, I began to gather influence in servants by tipping generously. We began splitting Jonah’s belongings, he wouldn’t need them anymore.

When I entered my room I noticed a locked briefcase on my bed. I was suspicious so I examined it closely, and used my knife to manipulate it. I got the scent of formaldehyde and taxidermy. Inside was my dead mother’s face. I was shocked for quite a while, then I noticed a note that said that the author thought they recognized me. I was quite upset and angered at this move by the Dread Scientists, so instead of gifting the orb to Hyacinth like I had planned I instead absorbed myself. That is when I noticed the face moving, and then the others started coming to my room trying to figure out what was taking me so long. We decided to call Sciduhr as he would know more about what was going on. When he arrived, we quickly noticed that he had been watching far, FAR too much TV. He then told us that more than my mother’s face was there, that my mother was still alive, and then placed her face on John who then took the form of my mother.

The rest became more and more of a blur, there was some discussion, apparently my mother was a mage, and the dread scientists wanted to experiment on mages. Then some other things happened and my mother ended up possessing a dog. Then a talking Cat name Wunch showed up and made things even more confusing. We decided to put off any further decision until the next night as we were all exhausted in more ways than one, so we retired for the day.

Sixth Session (Joel)

This night I awoke to much dark news. There is still silence from the Seattle Kindred community. This silence started two months ago and no contact has been made since. Other much darker news, if only by the proximity to the coterie is that Jonah is missing. When the rest of us met at Grandma Chos we were told by Alder Goldberg that Jonah has been found guilty of consorting with the Carthians and is dead. The other news was that Natalia is on trial for dealing in contraband with Carthians and other unfavorable sorts.
We decided that in case we were called upon for the trial, or that we were able to attend that it would suit us to have some better clothing to wear. We visited Emma Flores and struck a deal for two sets of clothes, that she appeared to have anticipated our need for. Earlier in the night thirty students at the college suddenly stopped and stared up towards the sky for approximately forty minutes of which none of them could recall this time. Emma asked us to retrieve two of the students so that they could be examined.
When we arrived I saw Merihem speaking to a man in a suit. I suddenly could not recall why we were there. The man speaking to Merihem suddenly invited all three of us to his office. He seemed to know what we are and why we were there. Luckily John seemed to remember and remind Merihem and I. We learned that the clock tower was part of a much larger machine, and was responsible for both wiping our memories and potentially related to the communication blackout in Seattle. We were given the names and numbers of two of the students. We went to the van and I called Emily. I convinced her to meet and easily swayed her with my Majesty and took her to Emma.

Fifth Session (Joel)

I awoke and decided to observe the blood orb, I felt my blood thicken. I did some research on the museum as I listened to some messages. The security at the museum was contracted out to Nemiers Security Firm, and they had yet to fill the open position still.

In News, apparently Emma has been seen hanging out around Grandma Chos far more often than normal, I wonder what she is up to. Apparently With Scieduhr on land he decided it was better to sink the island again. The world went to hell apparently, a murder in the U-district, and a crazed frenzy that saw the mall shut down. Ryan had called and told me that three more bodies were found in the warehouse district. In other news everyone was summoned to the ballroom here in the Drake. That seemed very important so I dressed in my finest clothes. When I arrived I met up with my Coterie and we mingled with the others for the time being, the Lancea et Sanctum seemed really upset. It was about to begin and there was no sign of Jonah. It was pretty bad, the Lancea were upset because the Carthians attacked and slaughtered their entire herd. The Prince didn’t declare war but emphasized caution. After we were dismissed we went to speak with Jane Cameron on John’s request. While he spoke with her we mingled with her coterie. We were then requested in a meeting room. When we arrived we were met my Mr Krieg who relayed information possessed by a dead woman, much of it out of date. After doing research we learned that a week after the information was dated, that the occult shop burnt down. Jonah Finally showed up, he “overslept” . We all then decided to try hacking into the docks network and requested the aid of a hacker. Simon Owens was the one sent. Syred also showed but and we finally got the story from John. He was apparently watching the docks when at 10:00 everyone went aboard and under the deck of the Marionette. Then John had noticed he was being watched, and was then telepathically communicated with. The Mehket found that he had a mental brain tap. Syred had John call this L person who showed up. He handed out a bunch of information. Syred appeared from China in 2013, answering another piece of info from the outdated documents. A demon is now in control of the docks cult, that wasn’t something we wanted to hear. He gave me a packet of info on my mother’s case and Jonah on these Dread Scientists. Opening the packet I was hit hard by the images of my mother’s corpse, but I had seen this scene somewhere before. DREAD SCIENTISTS !! They were behind this, I don’t think I could find the one who did it but maybe I can mess up a few of their plans. There were two witnesses to my mother’s death aside from myself. One was dead, but the other a Zachary Duvall was transferred to Birkhoff Asylum. Something to look into later. We decided to look into the Mall incident. I stopped by BPD and got Ryan to get me a forensics kit. We then did a drive by of the mall before parking a distance away. We decided to go up through the roof access. When we were on the roof looking for the way in we noticed one of those owls. It was the first time I had seen one. It didn’t want to fight at the moment but it spoke cryptically. We then when down through the boiler room where we noticed a scent of phosphorus. We heard a clank so we shut everything down and examined the boiler, inside was a corpse. While this was going on the Doctor called for John. It was a strange monster. It had 8 spider-like legs made out of metal, while it had plates melded into the flesh of the torso. We began to fight it, the Doctor mostly dodged but still got hit. John had shot it a few times. Jonah ran and got sniped by a laser attack. He then ran out the building towards the van. My first few attack attempts did very little but I did some damage. We killed it and I collected some samples. This was a Dread Scientist experiment, when one arrived I didn’t do anything because we were all exhausted. Jonah had apparently planned to drive the van over the beast, he didn’t have the keys so he hot wired it. He better pay to get that fixed. We then headed over to the food court where the doctor pieced together how it went down, we kinda knew why with the Dread Scientists appearance. We then got a change of clothes before heading to Grandma Chos for a meal. then John and I went hunting before retiring for the night.
Fourth Session (Joel)
I awoke to a message on my phone by a mysterious Ghost Hat, requesting information from me. He gave me an address and a time. not trusting just anyone I first called Simon, but he didn’t have any idea who Ghost Hat is, i then called Adam about it, and he told me Ghost Hat is an Invictus Specialist that was called in to Birkhoff. I went to the meeting and answered his questions, He was asking about the Dark Sun incident. I swore to myself not to caught out like I was the last time.

I had hatched a plan to increase my own influence in the city. To do this I will have to do much research on the owners, employees, the location and the resources available to the museum.

I decided to cultivate Betty as a resource so called her out for a date. I learned that she is the Surgeon’s Secretary at the hospital, she will be useful there so I won’t move her. I took her to Suede’s where a few patrons stood out, such as a pretty woman on the balcony above, I nodded at Simon as I passed him then proceeded to entertain and influence Betty the rest of the time, even giving the kiss without drain her of blood, I didn’t want her dead after all.

Apparently Jonah couldn’t stay out of trouble, he called the Doctor and I to Grandma Chos. Jonah has really bad luck is all I can say. The n00b managed to locate the den of Carthians in a rock bar.The way he told the tale, he was almost taken in by them, I will watch him a bit closer from now on. His bad luck did not end there, the cab driver of the cab he took here was a corpse possessed by a Strix. This all needed to be passed on to the higher ups so we called in Syred. We informed him of the events, and realized that Jonah didn’t check to see if he was followed. Syred and the others left out the back while I walked out the front, true to form the n00b had in fact been followed. Jonah really needs something like a Kindred bootcamp.

I returned home and opened the packages I had received earlier. One was a caulking gun with a full tank. The other was a strange hilt that appeared to have no blade, it was sent by Adam.

The next night I decided to visit old man Gan Jiang who was a blacksmith i had done work for previously, perhaps he could identify the weapon. He identified the blade through an interesting process, he told me that the blade is made of folded reality, and could directly strike the ephemeral. In exchange he would have me forge a metal that requires the pressure of the depth of the ocean. He gave me a box with all of the materials and the instructions. I called Merihem and Jonah and had them come to my apartment so that we could research what was needed for this task.

Between the materials and the instructions we learned that we were forging orichalcum. The only thing we were missing was a fire to forge it, a fire that had to be functional under water. I grabbed some cooking tongs and put them with the supplies and at the suggestion of Doctor Merihem we went to visit Emma Flores who was a mage and might possess ghost fire. We walked in her shop and she greeted us, we allowed Merihem to to get his order before we broached the topic of the ghost fire, she agreed to sell us a jar of it for $20,000. We didn’t have it on us so we had to visit the bank. I took Jonah who was the one buying while Merihem would wait. We went the Drake to bank in room 21 on the first floor. Jonah and I transfered our accounts to the bank, and Jonah withdrew the required money. We returned and made the exchange, she gave us some safety tips and we thanked her and left. The three of us called G.W. to borrow the boat and departed to the ocean where the depth was great enough. Merihem had business on the island so he would head there while Jonah and I went to the bottom. we took the box of supplies down and began the forging. The ghost fire heated through the jar so there was no need to release it. The heat at one point was so great that we were even burned. We were successful so we gathered everything up and got to the boat. Jonah and I then went to the island and met up with Merihem who was gifting Scieduhr with the cloak. The cloak granted him the ability to take a human form, he decided to come back to Birkhoff with us. We then traveled to Grandma Chos to reintroduce him to Eldred. Eldred seemed happily surprised by the turn of events and I was able to ask about the orb, Eldred said that it would increase the potency of my blood. We all asked about the Strix as we have been noticing them more and more as of late. Eldred mentioned a painful ritual that made him immune to their possession. But finding someone who knows that ritual would be difficult. We then all returned to our havens and slept.

Third Session (Joel)

Tonight I awoke to a gift from Eldred and a message from my sire to meet a new kindred.

the Coterie met and were assigned a new member. He was an old washed-out Rocker by the name of Jonah Kramer. He apparently came to town with vengeance in mind and got himself killed for it. He was brought back and embraced by a Mehket.

Jonah didn’t seem interested in hearing us out, and left us like a total noob.Thats n00b not newb. The rest of us kinda just waited around, either he’d be back or we would hear about his death.

He did come back, and with an interesting story too. He did look spooked. Apparently when he went to fulfill his vengeance he was beaten their by men in cloaks, he said that they had his target strapped to all sorts of equipment. We haven’t heard about anything like this before so we all decided to check it out. We took the van to the place and parked it across the street. The man in the house and Jonah’s target went by the name Herman Salzer, a former SS officer.

A few of us snuck around the back and saw inside that Salzer seemed really off, almost berserk. Then a voice with no distinct source said “His condition worsens, his condition eminent terminal.” As a man phased in and killed Salzer before phasing out again, something to investigate later. As that was happening my labeling Jonah a n00b was validated as he went running down the street yelling in terror. The rest of the coterie quickly gathered back in the van and picked up Jonah who had apparently forgotten that we don’t need to breath. The silly n00b.

After this we decided to visit the island again to see if we could ask the mysterious Scieduhr a few questions. We went down to where we first awoke Eldred and began to speak to Scieduhr. We learned that the deal with Eldred is 800 years old, That Scieduhr has been there since time immemorial and works for the “keeper”. Merihem and John decided to meet Scieduhr face to face and descended. When they returned they seemed unnerved by what they learned and refused to speak of it.

We returned to Grandma Cho’s and told our tale to our sires, we all left to rest afterwards.

3rd Session (John Bailey)

3rd Session, Eldred’s Smile

I woke this morning to what looked to be a present, out of sheer curiosity, I opened it and touched the orb that was in the glass box… before I read the note…… oops, and it was a blood orb, which I… think… absorbed into my being, I feel a bit of internal pressure now… its strange.

After that I received a phone call from my Sire to meet at Grandma Cho’s to meet a new Kindred. A short walk downstairs.

So everyone showed up and got to know the new comer. Then my Sire left and Grandma Cho brought food in, and food ist gut.

Adam, texts me, shows up and gives me an envelope full of money. His part of his ‘Rent’ for me… I laughed and took it.

The new member of our Cotiere decided he had more important business to attend to than doing stuff for our Cotiere. Hope he doesn’t get himself kidnapped or… wait, I guess he can’t really get KILLED can he?

He came back and gave us some info on who this guy was and why he wanted him dead. I called my buddy in the service to get some more info on the guy, after that the doc called… from MY phone… and decided to say that out guy is trying to kill the president………. yeahhhhh… good game Doc.

We decided to go out to the house of this guy and take a look around. We used Celerity to get into the back yard, and saw Herman in the house and he looked crazed, throwing stuff around.

Hear a strange voice saying “His condition worsens, his condition eminent terminal.” And then our newest member decided to go batshit crazy and scream, running down the street. Then a strange figure ‘Phased’ into existence… killed the guy and then phased out…

We snagged out new friend, who still hasn’t learned that you don’t need to BREATH anymore… Shaking off that info… we made our way to the boat and I drove it out to the Island that we visited underwater, that is now on the surface…

And now we are back into the thrown room. I waved at the gargoyle… he waved back.

Went back down into the crypt, knocked on the door in the back by the tomb, and started to ask the man questions, said his name was Sidure. Found out the tomb had been there for longer than could be timed. He had Eldred there for roughly 800 years. Sidure calls himself interesting, like a Demon, but not as pathetic as the demons that humans have come to know.

The doc asked the question “How do we open the gate…” And Sidure opened the door, the Doctor used his Celerity to go in and I followed… against my better judgment.

We walked for some time in the darkness… pressure building in my chest, there was a big hole, with skeletons holding each other. Keeping the hole closed. Pillars around the hole and some seating made of stone.

We met Sidure, an Odd looking fellow indeed….

He told us things… things that are safer that no one else knows… so I will not be recording the words spoken… be we made it quickly back to Grandma Cho’s and discussed with Sired the events that had been transcribed… shortly after we left and I went home to tend to my Dog…

End Scene 3

Dr. Merihem's Report
Given to Jane Cameron

[From the report of Dr. Merihem, PhD, turned in to the office of John Parez, via Jane Cameron:]

In conclusion, while I feel that many of the aforementioned events could certainly constitute threats to the community you have so carefully developed (not the least of which includes the continuing mystery of the island, the escaped creature, and the professed, but not proven, identity of the individual known as Eldred) it is my subjective opinion that the most worrisome is the coalition of other communities that, in times past sought to destroy said individual; waiting till it underwent a moment of weakness (comparison of which to the present should not be ignored) and banding together warding and binding charms* in order to vanquish what must be assumed to be a common enemy. Far be it from me, a newer addition to these proceedings to inform those who would review this document, but vigilance must be absolute and unfaltering in regards to our fellows in the shadows; should they learn of our developments, it can only be assumed that they will try to finish what they have started.

*"charms" in this regard, is used based upon the sociological definition, as neither the signs nor sigils reacted to our presence on the island.

Second Session (Joel)
The eventful night / I Hate Adam
With the good Dr. Merihem headed to Join the Ordo Dracul the rest of us went shopping. Embarrassed and angry over my previous near-death against the hunter I went looking for a weapon. I found a cutlery shop and went inside. As I expected there were daggers and knives available. One dagger in particular caught my attention. Then a small Chinese man came out and started speaking about the piece. I checked my bank account only to realize I was broke. However the old man made a deal with me. He brought me to the back where he crafted his art. In the Corner was a CAD machine, the deal was that I was to draft the designs and transfer them to the computer. This was doable since I has some experience. I was able to walk away with my fancy new dagger and a promise to return to finish adding the designs. I walked outside and met up with Natalia and then we received a text from Dr. Merihem that the Prince and Syred wished to speak with us. We then made our way towards the Ordo Dracul headquarters. Once inside the Prince then began to explain to us legends that were connected to the local Tillamook-Siletz tribe pictographs. According to the legends a very powerful being lived on an island off the coast of Oregon, currently there are no islands. There are two names associated with this being, the first is Seidur, and the second is Eldred. After this debriefing we were told that we were going to investigate sunken ruins where kindred runes were etched. It was believed that the island in the legends and the ruins were one in the same. While we did not need to breathe, and could see in the dark, communication would still be a problem in the depths. A woman approached us and wrote some markings on our foreheads. Suddenly we could hear each other’s thoughts, this will be annoying somehow.

We prepared for our quest. We purchased diving knives and the large chem lights that looked like giant glow sticks. I also got a crash course from Jon on how to use the knife and dagger.

G.W. took us out in a boat to where the ruin was and told us to walk back. We sunk the bottom with iron weights, and swallowing water to weigh us down. There was something distinctly not human about the situation.

We opened the front door and began exploring. The architecture was beautiful, although the gargoyles were a bit creepy. Jon, Natalia and I competed at the suggestion of Patrick whom instigated the challenge. In hindsight he was being a lazy and devious ass and using our own minds against us. I did not find much, just some blood stones. Natalia won the competition but Merihem did something out of character and went through the final door. The door slammed shut behind him and suddenly the gargoyles came to life, though one seemed out of sorts from the rest. The door reopened and we walked down stairs to a treasury of ancient artifacts. Things from nearly all eras were stored here.

We opened the casket where the gargoyles were pointing. Suddenly the figure in the casket absorbed the blood stones and revealed himself to be Eldred, and claimed to be the first of the kindred. Eldred was a small Asian man about 5’6”.We spoke to him of our purpose of being there. It became known that he had not intended to rest so long, and that another being staked him to keep him asleep. We also learned that Sciedur was a separate entity within the temple, and he controls whether the island sinks or rises.We then convinced him to return with us to Birkhoff after explaining a few changes that the world had since he went to sleep. Once we arrived back on shore Merihem called his sire EIP who had us refer to Eldred as Aalos. It appears that Syred is actually Mehket.

-on a side note, it appears that there are 7 grandma Chos…… and that (one?/all?) are Eldred’s mother.

With our task completed we went our separate ways for the meanwhile, though our minds were still connected.

I went to watch a monster movie marathon with my family and my friend John. My father was home but wasn’t in to talking much per the norm. The other two however gave me the third degree so I had to give an edited run down of what had happened. Then I made the mistake of mentioning Adam. Emma went fangirl on me and demanded tickets. She is lucky I love her, I texted Simon to get Adams number. Simon was surprised that I didn’t have it; I was surprised he thought I really wanted it. I called Adam and asked for tickets, he agreed, and then he wanted to come over. That was not going to happen, and then before I could refuse I felt his presence like he was watching out of my eyes. Next thing I know, he is knocking on the door. I slammed the door in his face. He knocked again and I reluctantly let him in. I was already regretting this. I gave Emma the tickets but dad had to take them because she was frozen in fangirl mode. John and Adam then proceeded to needle and snipe each other throughout the night and I had to use my power on my dad to keep him from going to the docks. Apparently I was emoting this to the rest of the coterie as it was happening. I really Hate Adam right now. I got him to leave finally, and then got out of there myself.

I was called by Merihem who had found Alex Reese again, and called the rest of the coterie in order to capture him for information. I pulled into an alley with the van and the others nabbed him, Natalia dominated his mind so the rest was easy. We then took him to Merihem’s new lab where the doctor would break him.
First Session (Joel)
The game is over already

I awoke in my apartment above Gold’s Gym to my phone blazing with messages. Emma wanted to go to a movie and John wanted to hang out. I made plans with each of them during the week. Tonight I was going to go Free Running, tomorrow night clubbing with John, and a movie with Emma the night after.

I head to the forest north of the city. There I got used to my new abilities, learning about my new strength and speed. As I was finishing with my exercises I found that I was being watched. When it became obvious we were aware of each other he jumped down from the tree he was in and introduced himself as Simon. He was a brunette with brown hair and brown eyes, standing at about five foot ten. Simon’s actions and posture made him seem like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He even said as much in the conversation. The big point though was that he was a werewolf and that he worked for my still unknown to me sire. He explained that the north woods was his packs land and that I was safe here but should be cautious in the south or east woods as other packs claimed those. He used a strange ritual to determine my disciplines. I had gained vigor, celerity and majesty marking me as a Daeva. He gave me his number and then we went hunting in the red lights to test my ability. I was trolling the club when I met a girl named Betty, using my majesty I got her to follow me outside to the alley where I drank from her and used my awe to get her to forget that part and only remember the pleasure she got from the kiss. That did surprise me and was never mentioned. I got her number with a promise to call her again. I then got a call to meet at Grandma Chos.

I arrive at Grandma Chos to see G.W., Dr. Merihem and a few others. The others, a bare footed woman of five foot seven with a Russian accent and the other was a man with red hair and green eyes at five foot seven who gave the expression of ex-military. I learned that their names were Natalia Vistakroff and Jonathan Bailey. Soon others arrive, G.W. among them. They were introduced to us Prince Jon Parez, Philosopher Jane Cameron of Ordo Dracul, Lady Dayne of the Circle of Crones, Syred also of Ordo Dracul. G.W. who was introduced as Growling Wind stood behind him the local singer Adam Phillips who had Simon behind him. I learned that Adam is my sire. That explained why Simon was watching me. The Doctor, Natalia, Jon and I were told that we four would form a coterie to promote camaraderie through the Kindred community. This meant the end of the “game” the doctor and I were in. We then learned in the past that there was a covenant war that was stopped because of a common enemy.

Madam Cho is a mystery, as she did not appear to be kindred when we first met but now appeared as such.

We learned that the previous leader was Judge Hansen who was Adam’s own sire.
We were to meet G.W. at 10 to be shown around the city and meet the covenants. G.W. took us in a van to the court house, as we entered we saw the prince speaking with some people. We entered a room to a woman in a dark black dress. She introduced herself as madam Raven Griffin, and apparently no relation to Amanda Griffin. She is the President and CEO of Birkhoff 1rst Bank. She told us about the Invictus and what they represent. After a few questions and reading the contract I joined the Invictus. We all then left and were taken to Lin Ming Market and led to a small alley where an entrance to the Ordo Dracul headquarters were. Jon joined the Ordo. We then next visited the University district and were lead to a bonfire where we were told about the circle. Natalia joined the circle. We then left and headed to the Cathedral where we met Bishop Corey Stanley. None of us seemed convinced by his pitch.

We were able to convince G.W. to elaborate on some of the things that happened. There was an incident that ended only 6 months ago. The entire city was destroyed and spirits were causing trouble. The spirits that remained were at first trapped in the Docks but a new cult appeared there and the spirits haven’t been seen since. We then went our separate ways, Doctor Merihem asked me to look into the supposed double suicide at the docks. Natalia and I met with Simon and went the new club in the area. When we were there I noticed someone following me and led a course back to Natalia, Simon was nowhere to be seen. Natalia attempted to seduce the man and got staked for her troubles. I followed them as he led her out to where he had a vehicle parked. I used my celerity to get in close to strike but he dodged and shot me. All went Black.

We awoke in the morgue to a man name Dr. Ein. He fed us blood packs and answered a few questions, we slept the day away at the morgue. We awoke and fed on some Jocks the doctor found. We took the stake and bullet and sent a call out to the coterie and our sires to discuss the attack. I also called Jack and Ryan my friends at the police department to get info for Doctor Merihem.

We arrived to the meeting we set at Grandma Chos and we told everyone of the attack, our sires were startled by the news. The stake had the symbol of the Dark Sun, the club were at, and was inlaid with silver. Apparently this was also the symbol of the Crimson Sun, a problem our sires thought was dealt with. Our sires then left after giving us instructions to not return to that club. The rest of us talked a little more and I filled in Docter Merihem with the information I got from Jack and Ryan. He contacted Dr. Ein to see the bodies and Ein invited us all to come. When we arrived he used electricity to activate a weird ability to see the memories of the victims. The victims were definitely murdered by 4 men.

At the behest of Dr. Merihem we headed back towards chinatown.

Prologue (Joel)
I awoke on a gurney with an IV of my blood type in my arm. Across the room was a man who introduced himself as one Dr. Patrick Merihem PhD. A psychiatrist, wonderful. The doctor was about five foot eight. A short examining of the room revealed nothing of interest aside from the only exit. Outside the room we met a man who had us call him G.W. He was a tall man, at least six feet and a brunette with brown eyes. G.W. then told us that we were now part of a game with very strict rules. Don’t kill each other, (as if that was a normal thing to happen), and don’t go out in the daylight were two of them. (The sun isn’t good for my albino pale ass anyway.) He then gave us our bags and phones and sent us outside. Our vehicles were parked in the lot outside. Turning around and examining the building it appeared to be a rundown asylum. The doctor and I exchanged information before leaving our separate ways, trying to understand what has happened. I called my cousin Emma out to dinner at Grandma Chos, the best Chinese food in Birkhoff. When we were seated I realized I had received a different menu, alongside the dishes were blood types. I made small talk with Emma while we waited for the food, as it arrived, its scent was amazing. I vigorously dug into my meal, apparently my manners had left me for the moment. We left after I paid for the meal and I watched Emma drive off before heading to my car. As I left I was met by a tall haggard looking man who introduced himself as Alex Reese. He was apparently banned from Grandma Chos for “being inappropriate”. He asked to buy one and pointed at my bag. Having no clue I went to look in the bag and found a bunch of blood packs, I ended up selling him one for $40.

After returning to my apartment I still felt too restless so I decided to go on a jog. On the jog I stumbled upon Dr. Merihem. I also briefly saw Alex skulking in the crowds of the red lights. The doctor and I were startled by a new voice without being able to see its source. The source of the voice turned out to be a woman by the name of Amanda Griffen, the Parish Archiver for the Cathedral. Amanda was a blond woman with green eyes and about five foot nine inches tall. She explained many things for us, though she was a bit startled that we did not know as much as we should. That this “game” wasn’t the normal thing for us. A few things I noted were :

We are Kindred

The Masquerade: Our world is hidden
Progeny: Our Childe
Amaranth: Our blood thickens

There are 4 covenants:
Invictus led by Prince Jon Parez who is the defacto Leader of Birkhoff.
The Circle of Crone situated in the U-District
Ordo Dracul In Chinatown
Lancea et Sanctum at the Cathedral

Of course then she mentioned the Carthians who rebel against the established order. Amanda then explained how food could be prepared by adding blood, and how our blood could be consumed to imitate life, the Flush of Life as she called it. As we parted she warned us that the Docks were off limits to Kindred, none who have ventured there have returned alive. We all left and I returned to my apartment to sleep. My last thoughts before slept took me were “What in the world have I gotten into now?!”


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