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The Birkhoff Consilium is part of the Northwest Caucus, which covers Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

The Consilium started back in 1989 after 4 years of war with the Seers of the Throne for control of the city after its establishment in 1985. The war was bloody, and cost the lives of many, including other supernaturals. The Seers were relentless in their attempts to control the city, not only fighting the Pentacle, but also killing any and all other supernaturals that attempted to enter the city. The blockade almost won them the war. The turning point came late 1989 when an unknown force, suspected to be that of an Unseen Master, washed over the city, disrupting the Seer’s spells and magics that enforced their barricade and facilitated their strength in the war!

Even to this day, the Seers keep a keen eye on the city, waiting and watching for when they can strike and take over. To counter this, the Birkhoff Consilium created a unique constitution involving the other Supernatural Communities, inviting them into the city, forming the Birkhoff Republic of Shadows. The Mages arbitrate the Republic, and facilitate peaceful coexistence and sit council over disputes between the Supernatural Communities. The different communities still rule over themselves internally, but are still held to the rules governing the Republic. Through this constitution, the Magi of Birkhoff have created a vigil that is stronger than they could muster on their own, and have successfully kept the Seers from gaining a foot hold within the city since the winning of the War of Ports.

The Orders keep to very similar roles in Birkhoff, with unique additions and alterations given the circumstances of the city’s dynamics.

The Adamantine Arrow

Existence is War. The Arrow serves and protects the Magi of the Consilium, and hold the rights to assemble selected individuals from each Community to form Task Forces as necessary for the safety and protection of Birkhoff and the Republic of Shadows. These select individuals are selected by their respective ruling communities, and the names given to the General of the Arrow.
Local Leader: Jill Griffin

Guardians of the Veil

The Guardians within Birkhoff focus on the Defense of the Truth, and keep a keen eye for anything that strengthens the Lie. Through this specialty, they quickly disrupt any attempted footholds by the Seers into the city. They also keep a keen eye on the other Supernatural Communities for any signs that they are consorting with the Seers.
Local Leaders: Brianna Walker


Within the Consilium, the Mysterium keeps lore and knowledge protected and hidden from external forces. More than once has a small group of Seers attempted to steal Consilium secrets in order to gain an in, or upper-hand. Each time, the Mysterium prevented their success, at a cost. They keep a special library hidden within the city that holds the records of the Wars of Ports, and any subsequent conflicts within Birkhoff with the Seers. Only the Hierarch and Councilors are allowed within this special library, along with the Keeper of the War, the identity of which is unknown and undisclosed to any but the Hierarch.
Local Leader: Donald Price

Silver Ladder

The job of the Silver Ladder has never been so difficult as here in Birkhoff! Seers send in tainted Sleepwalkers and Proximus to orchestrate Sleepers in ways that enforce the Lie and create Paradox Risks to the Consilium at any turn they can! This subversion directly impacts the Silver Ladders workings within Birkhoff and the Sleeper Communities.
Local Leader: Ethan Armstrong

Free Council

Humanity is truly magical, and in Birkhoff, that is more evident than ever. More than once have other Supernatural forces manipulated and used the Sleeper Communities of Birkhoff to attain magical effects and accomplishments. The Free Council not only seeks to utilize the Sleeper Community to bolster the defenses of Birkhoff, they also keep watch over them, stepping in and defending them anytime an outside force attempts to use them for their own rituals and schemes, especially when manipulated by the Seers.
Local Leader: Master Lee


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