Heralded Into Darkness

Daily Life 2 – Markus Hale

School, memory, and death

This is the first journal entry I have had a chance to write in quite some time. As I work towards my medical doctorate both my classes, my future residency and my thesis have kept me busy. This last week I believe I have only slept maybe twelve hours in total. To add to my burdens, I have been informed “read as TOLD” that I have business tutors waiting for me when I finish. My grandparents on both sides have been increasing the pressure to take over the shipping company. I need to sleep so I will end it here.

Mother collapsed again, this time it was my sister. My mother gets caught up in memories of my sister or father and spirals into herself.

My paternal grandparents passed away in their sleep last night. My maternal grandparents want us to move back to the east but we have made a home in Birkhoff and I am moving up in the hospital.

-Excerpts from the journal of Dr. Markus Hale


Nochtal thejeonan

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