Heralded Into Darkness

Daily Life 3 – Markus Hale

On dating

-Excerpts from the journal of Dr. Markus Hale

I have been called by my grandparents to meet with yet another young woman. While both beautiful and kind this latest woman was not my intellectual equal. I am not so crass to say that she is dumb, for she truly isn’t, but rather her interests do not lie in academics. We would be ill matched and so I declined the unwanted match yet again, to the great disproval of my grandparents.

Truly my grandparents cannot grasp my desires. Earlier they introduced me to a woman nearly two decades older than me. That was not so bad but definitely not my taste. The next girl, for truly she wasn’t yet 18 was not as acceptable. I saw fear in her eyes as the dinner went on. Then there was the young man. We went for drinks and commiserated over overbearing family, neither of us was gay.
Though she is not here I can still hear my sister laughing at me.

I met yet another woman my grandparents have desired me to meet. I have become quite impressed in their ability to set all of these meetings up from their estate in Maine. What was strange about this “date”’ was that my mother got involved and asked me to go. For her I shall go meet this Evangeline Astor with an open mind.


Nochtal thejeonan

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