Heralded Into Darkness

Faust's Journal 2

Greater Understanding, Greater Mystery

Events since last full entry

-The lunch that never was.

Tayri and I had business with the Cabal known as the librarians. We met Charles Sharpe and Sebastian Lott for lunch. I traded my grimoire for another but then ideology got involved. Tayri got upset and rightfully so at the persistence of Sharpe’s search for knowledge over the wisdom of letting it be. The knowledge in question was our involvement with the city as inheritors. We split from them after that Charlotte bailed us out by working some time magic so that the meeting never happened.
She then set up a meeting with a Mr. K of Wolfe and Johnson law firm. He had a soul, I didn’t believe it was his for a second. We made some deals with him to get around the Librarians, we also learned first tongue through a similar deal.

I found a lead to my sister, I asked Wunch and said that he knows a Meredith that occasionally deals with Adam.

-The gate to somewhere not the underworld.
Tayri and I had some business to do and after purchasing some tin from the Masons of Sheol we went to the Avernian Gate, but something had changed. What was supposed to be a relatively new guardian had become much stronger. The gate itself now showed up as an anchor for it.
On closer examination the ghost’s soul marked it as an Ochemata, a servant of unseen masters. This was worrisome as he seemed quite put out with my previous actions, but with how the gate was veiled how was I to know.
We returned to the estate to think on our discovery, toting the package we received from the courier. Once home we asked Victor about the gate and he said it wasn’t really an Avernian gate but a gate to an unseen master’s realm.

-Eins, Zwei
As we were processing earlier matters, Dr. Ein suddenly entered the estate. With Jeeves and Ein sharing info we learned that Ein was in fact made in the estate as a guardian. That was the first surprise, the second was his demonstration of our dear mayor able to be in two places at once. At that she decided to come over. (At this point I must comment on the surprising amount of people able to not only know about our estate, but to enter in to it on their own as well.)
The second surprise lead to the revelation that Angelina is the interface for the machine. She explained quite a bit more about the city, like how there were many problems in the infrastructure. On a good note the tomes we retrieved from the Librarians were part of the missing memory module of the city. With this information we are better able to plot how we go about fixing the city.

Knowledge revealed
These are the remarkable things I Have learned,

-There are a total of 8 Grandma Chos
- Mr. K was a demon or “Unchained”
- The werewolf tale of Father wolf and the creation of the gauntlet
- Ein’s soul is a miss matched patchwork
- What we thought of as Tin was actually the byproduct of the City and not exactly Tin

Is the Interface
Has no “soul”
Death life and Matter flow like blood
Not truly living or Dead, Matter fills the in-between
Similar to parts of the city
Contsructed through Making
( Note to self it was explained that Angelina has a body in the estate, finding it may be prudent)

The City’s troubles
Broken Parts include: Interface, Firewall, Memory ( currently missing 36%), Ports (located in Docks), and power which has been limited to a single dwindling power supply out of 5 total.

If power, the ports, and the memory is restored the city can initiate a reboot.

Even with my limited computer knowledge I know fixing the power first will be important.

A master of Life and Death, Victor conducted an experiment within the manor to find the threshold where life becomes death . This experiment seem to leave him in his current state. I find myself drawn to his research, I will observed what becomes of him, I do wonder if he left any notes laying around.

-From the Journal of Doctor Faust.


Nochtal thejeonan

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