Clytaimestra Chasa

Female, 27 yo, 5'6", 132 lbs., black hair, brown eyes.


Tayri’s only female cabal mate, Clytaimestra chose her name after the wife of Agamemnon and Korean death spirits: a nod to her dual cultures.
Often seen wearing a business suit, Clytaimestra focuses on her knowledge of Matter and her abilities with people to get the job done and secure resources for her cabal, often cheating or tricking people into giving up something for nothing (or more accurately, what eventually becomes nothing). Much of what she secures is untraceable, done as it was for fake jewels (more often gold) and under the table, without receipts. Morally she justifies this with the fact that they can’t take it with them, and where most Moros become intense and calm, Clytaimestra (Mestra for short) has become more flip about the values of “truth” and the “concrete” aspects of life.
Despite all this (and their clashes are frequent), Tayri still counts Mestra as a frenemy, and one of her only female friends(-ish).


Clytaimestra Chasa

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