Birkhoff Map Legend

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The city map uploaded may not be the most current or up-to-date, though this legend will be updated to reflect the physical copy present at game. Every time 5 to 10 locations are added, the map will be re-scanned and uploaded to update the map to show the new locations in accordance with this legend.

Birkhoff City Map Legend

  1. City Hall
    1. Mayor: Mr. Jenson Alykar
    2. Secretary of the City: Ms. Krysten Siegmun
  2. Birkhoff City Center Parking Structure
    1. Parking permit required
  3. Museum of Pacific Discoveries
    1. Curator: Mr. Blackwell
  4. Krieg Law Offices
    1. President Frederick Krieg
  5. Dock Master Headquarter’s Offices
  6. Birkhoff Radio Tower
  7. Wayne Pudree Tower of Business Offices
  8. Birkhoff University of Oregon
  9. Birkhoff Airport
  10. Westscott memorial Hospital
  11. Carson Medical, Hospital
  12. Costco
  13. Uwajimaya, Asian Market
  14. Wayfinder Public Transit Station
  15. Court House of Birkhoff
  16. BPD (Birkhoff Police Department)
  17. BFD Station 001 (Birkhoff Fire Department)
  18. BFD Station 002
  19. BFD Station 003
  20. BFD Station 004
  21. BFD Station 005
  22. Birkhoff Elementary School
  23. Birkhoff Kindergarten
  24. Birkhoff Middle School
  25. Birkhoff High School
  26. School District Offices
  27. Maiden Voyage Kindergarten
  28. Prattishet Elementary School
  29. Cadline Middle School
  30. Canfield High School
  31. St. Hubert of Liege Catholic Cathedral
    1. (On the map, the area marked “The Cathedral” is the Nunnery, garden, housing, and offices, etc.)
  32. Birkhoff City Zoo
  33. Dr. Xavier’s Estate (OOC Knowledge)
  34. Nadoline’s Go-Cart and Fun
  35. Malik Netar’s Home (OOC Knowledge)
  36. Surge Music, LLC
  37. Condos
  38. Birkhoff Gold Docks Gym & Golden Dock Apartments
  39. Iron Sights Firing Range
  40. Grandma Cho’s Chinese Cuisine
  41. The Lazy Weasel (Dive bar)
  42. Suede’s
  43. Ion Repair; Computer and Technology
  44. Kennedy’s Hobby Shop
  45. The Old “Cola Warehouse,” abandoned
  46. Nolen Park
  47. The Drake
  48. Arabesque Boutique and Finery
    1. Proprietor: Emma Flores
  49. Lin Ming Market (China Town Asian Marketplace; 6th Ave & Maple Dr. to 6th Ave & Cayden Circle.
  50. The Dark Sun Club (Downtown, Redlight District; Cayden Circle, East of 4th Ave)

Birkhoff Map Legend

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